Are you looking for a VPN to watch your favorite Netflix, which is only available in other countries? Whatever your reason, there is so much information on the web in VPNs that it is difficult to decide which is best for you.

Don’t worry about it, and today I will discuss one of your best and most reliable VPN for you. That is a ProtonVPN: The Best Security, Unlimited Free & Fast Connection. It is a company based in Switzerland with more than 560 servers in more than 40 countries. One of the goals of Proton VPN is to make secure and private browsing available to everyone.

In the article, I will share with you all the essential information about it.  In the end, we will agree on together whether it is right for you.  So, let’s get moved.

What is protonVPN?


Proton VPN is an implied private network service provider, and Proton Technologies AG operates this. And this is the organization behind the email service proton mail. The headquarters of ProtonVPN is in Geneva, Switzerland. We all know Switzerland is recognized for having robust private privacy laws.

The protonVPN cooperates with the five-eyes partner country regarding law enforcement requests, even though they are not members of the Five-Eyes International Surveillance Alliance. Swiss law does not need a VPN to conserve users logged. So, in this case, protonVPN has a strict no-logging policy.


Is protonVPN secure?

Yes, it is secure to use.

ProtonVPN protects user data with a 2048- bit RSA handshake and HMAC SHA 256 authentication with AES 256 encryption. We use encryption with perfect forward privacy, automatic rotation of encryption keys, and incorporates DNS leak security.

So, it is a trustworthy VPN.

Security of protonVPN

The features of protonVPN

It has many unique features. They are given below.

It has a total of 1101 servers that sit in 54 several countries. And all these servers are acquired and operated by it through the company network. The service is accessible for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android and maintains command-line equipment for Linux.

It uses OpenVPN UDP or TCP and IKEv2 protocols with AES-256 encryption. This company has a stringent no-logging program system for user connection data and DNS and, web RTC leaks prevent users from disclosing dedicated IP addresses.  It contains a kill switch to and Tor access support and to turn off Internet access in the incident of a lost VPN connection. It broadcasted its source code on all outlets in January 2020. The SEC consultant also conducted an independent security audit.


The cost of a proton VPN

ProtonVPN has two versions. Free and premium. It has some subscriptions tier, which is discussed below.

The first subscription level is the free version. It includes the location of only three VPN servers and allows only one device to be connected at a time. This offer gives you 500 MB of protected traffic per month, and the hotspot shield has 500 MB top per day, and keep trustworthy places data is not restricted.

The second level is the proton VPN basic. This offer is $5 per month and $ 48 per year. It will allow you to connect only two devices, and the server will be limited to one subset. It has two more levels, a plus plan and a visionary plan. The plus plan cost is $96 per year, and the academic program is $30 per month ($288 annually). These have more features. So, the more you increase the amount of money, the more benefits you will get.

However, it now offers a two-year subscription option. The costs $79 every two years for the basic plan, $159 for the plus plan, and $479 for a vision plan.

How to install protonVPN on windows?

To download it, go to the website and click on the Download tab. Then select Windows as your operating scheme.

Install process of protonVPN

You would be diverted to this page download page. And Click on the download option for Windows here.

ProtonVPN for windows

Then this will start downloading.

Now double click the downloaded app and follow these steps to start installing.

You will select the installed folder, as shown in the screenshot below. And will be installed on your programs on the C drive by default.

When installing the Windows VPN app, you will be prompted to install another window. Then click Run to install the protonVPN windows app.

How to set up protonVPN on windows?

Once the app is installed, a proton VPN shortcut will be created on your desktop. Find the shortcut and double click to start the application. Then the login page will appear where you have to give all the information to sign in.

When you succeed in signing in, you will be introduced to our Windows VPN application UI for quick and straightforward navigation and connection. Then quickly click the connect button to connect to the nearest server with the lowest load for optimal performance for security.

You can now see the list of countries with several VPN servers, which you can find by clicking the arrow at the bottom.

Click three horizontal lines in the top left corner to display a screenshot of our app’s menu. After opening the menu, you can access the step shown in the screenshot.

In the General tab of the app settings, you will see your app’s features for your convenience and habit use.

Our VPN application also includes session traffic maps for Windows to show your current network bandwidth usage and time.

Once connected, you will see the same information in the top left corner of the same app.


To sum up, we would undoubtedly refer to using protonVPN. It’s hard to find a free VPN that gives you unlimited bandwidth without compromising your secrecy. But our free version makes it clear. So, you can use it with the belief. It is 100% safe to use. 

Thank you for reading. We hope you have made your decision to read this article. You can pass the report on to your loved ones.


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