ProtonVPN is not the largest, flashiest, or even cheap VPN, and it is one of the best services available.

That fixes a lot of emphasis on protection and user privacy and keeps a fabulous customer that is especially easy to use. It provides a suite of advanced privacy tools typically reserved for more expensive products. It’s one of the best VPNs and one of the editors ‘choice winners for all of this and its remarkable free version with no data usage restrictions. If you have your toes dipped in VPNs, this is a great way to get started without any risk.

If you are looking for such a variety and are interested in it, you can read the article. In that article, we are going to discuss the ProtonVPN: Best guidelines for using proton VPN. And many people have a lot of questions about it, and we will discuss that as well. So, let’s switch it on.


Is ProtonVPN a useful VPN?

Yes, of course, it is a good and reliable VPN.

If you are a novice or beginner VPN user, then protonVPN is an excellent choice for you. It is one of the few credible VPN service providers in the market to provide a free plan. It has further than 800 servers in 50 states. It is optimized for your streaming and quarantine needs.

Besides these, it has many notable features.

How many devices can be used with ProtonVPN?

Five devices

If you want to use ProtonVPN’s Plus account, then it provides VPN access to 5 devices. It illustrates the full VPN connection in your account. If you have a professional account, your users have the option to assign these connections.

How fast is ProtonVPN free?

Yes, ProtonVPN free is fast.

ProtonVPN asserts its payment plans provide the fairest speed, but the free service is still available. We pertained to our primary Netherlands server, and Ocala Speedtest and Netflix’s reported speeds of around 18-20 Mbps connected with our 75 Mbps test. A US location similarly operates 10-20 Mbps.

Which country provides ProtonVPN free?

The ProtonVPN free plan has no validity limit, but access is limited to free servers in 3 countries. They are the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States.

ProtonVPN Free Server
ProtonVPN Free Server

How to activate a ProtonVPN free trial?

Better than a free version of our service, we provide our clients with a 7-day trial equivalent to a ProtonVPN Plus subscription plan.

Below are the details of how to activate the free trial. So, follow the steps down.

  1. Download ProtonVPN.
  2. Then install it.
Download ProtonVPN
  1. Log in to the application with your available account.
  2. Then Perform the initial connection to the VPN server.
  3. You will get a piece of pop-up information at the end of your trial subscription.
  1. You can directly enjoy the forms of the Plus Subscription Plan for seven days.

So, above this way, you can activate your free trial. But this is just for seven days.

How to download and set up ProtonVPN on Android?

It is a security and privacy-based VPN application for Android. If you have an Android appliance and search for a reliable and free VPN client, you can download and set it up in the steps below.

  1. You can download it from the google play store directly. Here you will find the ProtonVPN android app.
  1. Then install and open it after the installation is complete.

Open the main app menu. If you do not still have an account to ProtonVPN, tap “Create a new account.” But if you already have an account, then join your ProtonVPN account credentials.

The main server list window will open when you’ve logged in to the app. There are various paths to connect to a VPN server. Different ProtonVPN plans will give you access to multiple servers, and please note that. You will have a way to faster servers and more servers, If you have a paid basic or plus strategy. You can survey server accessibility for every plan here.


The first method uses the Quick Connect button to connect to a server. To access it, tap the Notification ProtonVPN logo at the bottom right of your screen, but “Not Connected, Not Protected. Quick Connect uses a complicated algorithm that considers the parameters of different servers so that you will be connected to the fastest VPN server established on your direction and the load on our servers. You can elect to connect to a random server.

The second way to connect is to use a list of countries. The Countries tab lists all available countries that may be related to you. Then you can open any nation and manually assign the server you want to attach to or utilize the quickest server fast connection procedure that will connect you to the quickest server founded on your server load and location.

The third connection option is to use the map to enter by dabbing on the Map View tab. To automatically connect to the fastest server in your choosing country, click on a country. For pinching, you can zoom in and zoom out.

For enabling the Secure Core feature, the Servers and Map View tabs displayed in the countries will alter to Secure Core Server. Secure Core features are accessible for visionary and users.

In the Profiles tab, you can create a connection profile. You can specify periodic options for your profile. Always connect to the fastest (using quick-connect algorithm) / random server in a specific country or link to the individual servers you choose. For outlining the profile as the default, the Quick Connect button will permanently be attached to this profile in the future. If you set the auto-start application at device boot, it will be automatically added to your default profile.

09. You can set up a profile for your secure core server. Fast core allows you to configure your own country of entry and exit manually.

10. Hold down the ProtonVPN logo in the bottom right corner for a moment to easily access all your connection profiles.

11. You can open the whole application menu by pressing the burger menu in the upper left corner of your screen.

  1. Under the settings, you will find several options. So, and set it the way you want.

We hope you got the right idea. Thank you for reading.


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