Dear users,

after much consideration, the team has decided to make Outputter a paid service in the future. Currently, this mainly affects the Full Identity Generator, BIN Generator and Credit Card Generator. Other generators are not affected for the time being. 


The server and development costs have reached a level that can no longer be covered by simple advertising revenue. Outputter is very popular. We have several 1000 visitors a day. This creates a lot of traffic that needs to be managed and also protected against DDOS. But in order to cover the costs and offer you even better service in the future, we need income. 

We put a lot of work and time into the project every day. Until now free of charge. Unfortunately, this does not work in the long run and is the death knell for every project. 

What does that mean exactly?

From now on we will change Outputter to a paid service to be able to use all functions without restrictions. This means: An account will be advantageous in the future. All you need is an email address and a password. The email must be confirmed so that we can be sure that it exists. We do not accept trashmails. Only official providers like gmail ect. 

What remains free and what will be charged?

Users without an account will be able to generate 3 records per day. A free account will be able to generate 5 data per day. If you want to generate more data, you will need a paid premium package. This will give you unlimited access to all generators, premium functions and the API. Of course we will build in protection mechanisms, so that not infinite fake accounts can be created. And if necessary we will block them immediately. Stay honest! Leecher destroy the project. 


Bin Generator

The BIN Generator will now be able to generate 50 records at once with Premium instead of just 10. 

Credit Card Generator

The Credit Card Generator can now generate 50 records as well.


All existing users have been automatically adjusted to the new rates.


Advertising is removed for premium users. We will still present certain partners. But for the most part remove all banners and popups. This will allow a more relaxing clean operation of the site. For Free User advertising will still be shown.

Short overview

  • User without account: generate 1 records / queries per day (Full Identity, BIN Generator and Credit Card Generator)
  • User with Free Account: generate 2 records / queries per day (Full Identity, BIN Generator and Credit Card Generator)
  • No advertising
  • higher data queries (depending on package)
  • Trial: 5k, Bronze: 15k, Silver: 20k, Gold: 30k , Platinum and Elite: Infinite
  • Access to all premium features (API, Bulk Identity Generator, German Bank Search ect)
  • Bin Generator: instead of 10 you can now generate more records at once
  • Credit Card Generator: Now you can also generate multiple records.
  • 2000 queries every 1 minute 

How can I buy a package?

Here under Premium. We currently only accept cryptocurrencies / Stabelcoins. To buy cryptocurrencies, we recommend our partner Kucoin.

I think your work is great. How can I support you even better?

We have set up a donation button HERE for this purpose. Every donation helps us enormously and will be 100% reinvested in the project. Thank you very much!

Give us feedback and ideas:

Exchange your ideas in our Telegram group. Only with your input we can make Outputter better. 


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