Have you ever thought about experiencing premium accounts of your favorite apps and sites? You may have. By purchasing a premium account you’ll be able to use extra features of that site or app. But it’s a matter of money.

Have you ever thought if there is any trick to get this for free? You’ll be happy to know that there is actually a trick called the BIN method.

By using Bins you don’t have to pay for the features. You can enjoy Netflix, Amazon prime, the Hotstar, and all other sites for free now.

In today’s world who doesn’t love free stuff? Using the bin method is becoming reliable as well as popular day by day. But many have the confusion about the process and many don’t even know about this wonderful trick.

In this article, we’ll get all the answers. we’ll know what is the bin? How to use the bin? Using the process, and the process of working bin for premium accounts, the process and enjoy unlimited premium accounts using this.

Keep reading this article and experience a whole new thing. Have patience and read the whole article. Follow the steps carefully. Avoid the forbidden things.

What is Bin?


First of all, you’ve to know what is Bin to get into this method. Basically Bin stands for Bank identification number. This is found in about 4 to 6 numbers on a credit/debit card.

Now you can ask for an example of a Bank identification number. For more clarity, we can show you an example of Bin: E.g 6785470. You can find this number on your credit or debit card.

Bin is mainly used for the identification process. It can easily identify the bank location and the customer’s all kinds of information. You’ll need it in case of changing the bank account.

How does Bin work?

Bin was developed by the American National Standards Institute and international standardization that is also known as ISO. This is the identification number that can identify the bank that issued the card. It also identifies the card cardholder’s location, contact number, and all other information provided by customers. In case of the matching transactions to the issuer, Bin is the key process.

If you look at the numbers, the first digit is for identifying major industries. It’s also called  MII (Major Industry Identifier). The next five digits are used for identifying the issuing institute or bank. For evaluating payment card transactions, this is also important.


There are two types of Bins. You’ll know about both types of bins here and also how to use them for creating a premium account.

Direct bins:

With this type of bins, you can easily use them in credit cards. Not only this but also you can apply the details for your app/ website, you want to subscribe. These are easy to use

PayPal bins:

These bins are used for making transactions by linking them to PayPal accounts. But in this case, you shouldn’t do any spamming. Ait may ruin all your money on the virtual credit card.

How can you use Bins?

Let’s come to the main point, the way of using Bin to create a premium account without paying money. You need to follow some steps here:

  • Collect a 6 digit number (BIN)
  • You need to search the Bin according to your Country or Bank location.
  • Then you’ve to generate live cards. Use our in-house Bin Generator for infinite combinations
  • To generate the credit card, you’ve to paste the bin in the site mentioned above.
  • At this point, connect to Vpn, select the country. Here is one thing to notice, Country location of Bin should match the Vpn location
  • Now, the card is generated and ready for using its details to make an account.
  • By using the sites and following the steps, you can easily open a premium account.

Basic questions

After mentioning the steps, some may have questions and confusion. No worries. You’ll find answers to all the basic and frequently asked questions and Confusion. No worries. You’ll get all the answers and solutions here. Keep reading.

Where do bins work?

Bins can work on some specific websites and apps.

As: Paypalbin- 56677875xxxxxxx IP- USA.

This may be a website name.

What does xxxxxx mean?

In bins, you’ll see xxxxx that is represented as card generators. This may also acquire virtual credit cards by inserting the numbers.

How Can I Use Virtual Credit Cards?

First of all, you’ve to purchase a premium and a valid VPN. You may find them on play store and other websites.

After purchase, you can connect that vpn with the country bin. You have to match the IP address and credit card location. That’s why you can’t use another country’s credit cards to open your account.

Why can’t I use a free VPN?

This kind of virtual card doesn’t accept free VPN. Some IP addresses and apps are abandoned

By certain apps and websites. So, you must have to use a valid VPN to use bins for your purpose.


Here I’ll show you how to make a premium account in Scribd using bins. Now you understand the whole process more clearly. In the example, you may need to change information and location according to yours.

  • Firstly, connect the vpn in the USA location.
  • Open any browser you like.
  • Enter the site and generate CC from the link we mentioned before.
  • To generate the CC paste the Bin.
  • Enter the Scribd website.
  • Choose 30 days trial option.
  • Now you’ve to sign up.
  • Use your mail to sign up.
  • Paste the credit card details.
  • Click the payment option.
  • You’ve got a premium account for free! Congratulations.

These are the steps and tricks you should follow to purchase your favorite apps and accounts. Now as you know all about bins, enjoy unlimited apps and websites. By following the steps in the example section, I’ve got a Scribd premium account.

Here is a point, you can’t use the same bin in different sites. Now you may want to know how to create working bins to get premium accounts?

For this, you should know what are the things you need to get into the process

  • Patience
  • Hard work
  • CC generator
  • CC checker
  • Uninterrupted internet connection
  • A premium VPN

Before getting into this you need to know the types of trial verification for the trial of premium account. There are two kinds of trials we’ll explain here.

The validity check trial is number one. This one is used for checking CC EXP CVV validation. Besides, it’s really easy to bypass the verification process. The second one is the Authorization Hold trial. This one can provide an authorization card for 1 USD. There is a verification system to identify the cardholder.

For type one, you need to go with the following steps:

  • You will need the USA Mastercards first.
  • Select one Bin of Debit card.
  • Generate the CC with it.
  • Give it a check.
  • Choose live ones.
  • Give it a test.
  • Keep doing this till you’re done. Don’t lose patience.

Never forget changing your IP to The CC countries Ip. There can’t be different IPs.

Now again you can follow the following steps to get the second type premium accounts.

The steps are:

  • Go to the country bank or BIN websites. You’ll find enough on the internet.
  • Choose a secured country.
  • Select small banks as they’re not enough secure.
  • Take one Bin of debit card. This time you don’t have to choose the credit card. Avoid that.
  • Generate the card with CC.
  • Give it a check.
  • Get lives one.
  • Have it a test.
  • You need to start from step 2 again and again till you get this working. Now it needs you patience as I mentioned before.

For avoiding patch, don’t share your Bin and account.

After having so much patience and giving so much time after this, if you fail or face some kind of error, it’s not the fault of you or the process. Sometimes, the websites or apps get dead soon for patching lots of credit cards at the same time. As an example, Vcc gets patched within a few hours if they patch the Bin. For this kind of issue, they can block your account.

By reading this article, you’ve known all the information about the bank identification number (BIN). Don’t forget to try this and share your experiences with your friends and family.

By using Bins and having some patience and hard work, you no longer need to miss the premium subscriptions of your favorite apps and accounts.

You can enjoy the shows and games by Bins now. We hope you follow all the steps and get a good experience out of it. Not only this, but you can also use the bin method to experience the premium version sites for your work and research.


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