Do you want to protect your email from being tricked? Then you don’t require safety like espionage and whistleblowers. You don’t trouble about it anymore because we have the best protection service for you. Protonmail: Best Free & Encrypted EmailSecure Your Communications with ProtonMail may be a secure email service for you. It uses PGP encryption criteria and has significance in the privacy community.


Since ProtonMail identifies its service as one of the most protected email options accessible to any other protected email provider, and above all, we truly set it under the microscope.

So, read the article to know the details about ProtonMail. Because at the end of the day, you can only decide which is the adequate secure email service for your other needs and threat models.  So, let’s get moved.

Who is behind the ProtonMail?

We know that ProtonMail is manageable to use as any webmail service. Still, it also conserves your message archive with zero access encryption and provides end-to-end encryption for message communication. It is a useful antidote for encrypted emails.

A company team works behind this secure email service.  It is proton Technologies AG.  Before the founding group teamed up at CERN to create ProtonMail, Proton Technologies AG has become a global leader in online security. Today, they are the world’s biggest secure email provider with over 1 million users.

Where is ProtonMail located?

It is located in Canton of Geneva.

We already know that Technologies AG company handles ProtonMail. This company is located in the Canton of Geneva. Its servers are placed in two locations in Switzerland outside the jurisdiction of the US and the EU.

Why should people trust ProtonMail?

This question of faith depends a lot on people. This software has some notable features that make people believe in it. So, below they are reviewed.

ProtonMail Interface

1. Transparency:

As an organization, we are committed to an elevated level of transparency so that you feel actually what you believe. Our key workers and their background are the knowledge of the public. Where we are based, our organization’s laws, the address of our headquarters and even our managers are all subject to public records. They are available for inspection in Swiss commercial articles. Initial funding through ProtonMail crowdfunding is publicly documented along with the identity of our initial 10,000 backs. But we go foreign than that. We also carefully write and disclose all law enforcement requests we have received.

2. The Open-source and audited:

From day one, we are committed to open source. This year, we scheme to make our bridges and import-export applications open source as well. Entity open-source means that individual teams have audited our applications’ code, and anyone can verify it whenever they like.

3. The Business model:

privacy is only one business that proton has. It also arises nearly all of its revenue from a single source and is our user community. Self-interested if you take the most radical approach financially, there is no incentive to betray the user of the Proton team’s privacy and trust. Performing so quickly eradicates the organization and community that we have devoted our lives to. In this sense, our interests and our community’s interests are fully integrated, and all of our persuasions (financial or otherwise) are driven to protect user privacy.

4. Competence:

Some of these skills are discussed below.

a. The investigative journalist group Belling cat, frequently targeted by state-sponsored Russian hackers;

b. Government officials are dealing with sensitive data;

c. Journalists Without Boundaries, a foreign non-profit company that teaches journalists to use ProtonMail to protect their sources;

d. Uprising groups across the political expanse, containing HKMaps, whose application was used to organize protesters in Hong Kong.

5. Tested by trusted third parties:

  1. Transparency and competence When building a strong foundation of trust, you don’t keep to carry our term for it. We regularly put our work under external safety monitoring and peer review, and we publish the results of regular audits.

Also, Proton Technologies was thoroughly tested and tested by the European Commission, as recipients of innovation grants from the Swiss government and the European Union.

In short, it is the most secure. ProtonMail uses client-side encryption to secure email content and user data before being sent to servers as a cryptographic strategy to encrypt the sender’s data before being sent to a server as a cloud storage service.

In addition to the above, it has many excellent and useful features.

How to download and install a ProtonMail IMAP / SMTP bridge to use in your encrypted email account?

It is open for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The first thing you need to do to use ProtonMail bridge is given below.

  1. Download the bridge. Then install it.
ProtonMail Bridge
  • Add the account: Once the bridge download is installed, add your Proton Mail account to it. Follow the picture below.
  • Configure the client: Forthwith that the bridge is installed and your account has been added, your last stride is to configure your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.).

How many emails can people store in ProtonMail?

It has four plans.  They are free, plus, professional and visionary. Now we will tell you about these four.

  • If you use a free plan, you can send 150 emails a day, and its storage is 500 MB.
  • And if you want to use the plus plan, you can send 1000 emails a day and 5 GB of storage.
  • In the Professional plan, people can send unlimited messages in one day, and its storage is 5 GB too.
  • The latest visionary plan also allows people to send unlimited emails a day, but its storage is 20 GB.
ProtonMail Premium

So, choose the plan of your choice from the above methods.

It is an elegant and outstanding end-to-end encrypted email service that will fulfill several regular users’ necessities.  As the significantly superior secure email service with Free Basic Account on the market, it’s an outstanding choice for regular encrypted communication with friends, business partners, and others who want protection from regular snooping and hacking.

We hope you have learned about the importance of ProtonMail. It will allow you to secure your email better. 


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