Dear users,

As some may have noticed, some Fake it pages redirect to is a big new project (from the following developers) which is currently under construction. But it already includes all functions of Fake it (including Premium / API). Many more functions will be added in the future.

What does that mean?


Fake it and Outputter will co-exist for a while. When everything has reached a certain level, Fake IT will be completely redirected to Outputter. Thus, the classic brand Fake it (since 2011) will no longer exist. This means that all channels and groups are also closed.

What’s next?

Outputter has set itself the task of providing a large modern collection of generators (and other things) in the future. A clean and very important: legal image is important for this. Outputter is currently in a very early alpha. More functions will be added gradually. There will also be some changes to the design. Both in the frontend and in the backend. But this will take many months and years.

What about Fake it Premium / API?

This will of course also be discontinued. Given enough lead time, everyone will be able to take advantage of their package. From now on you can also use Outputter Premium. Remaining runtime of Fake It is not created and drops automatically when switched off.

The paid Outputter Premium will help us recover a small part of the development costs. More exclusive content is expected to come here as well.

Is there a community?

Yes of course. We have different channels like a Telegram channel, Twitter and Facebook. Volunteer moderators who would like to help advance the project are still being sought and are welcome to apply under Contact. We provide groups such as Facebook, Telegram, and our in-house blog so that you can stay up to date. The community should serve to find out what Outputter can do better, which functions are desired or just for talking.

Please note: Any discussion of illegal content is strictly prohibited. Here we have a zero tolerance policy. Anyone who does not comply will be banned from the community without warning.


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