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What is Outputter Premium?

With Outputter Premium we offer API access for atomatic data generation. As well as other individual functions that also work without API, e.g. an increased volume of data generation in a short time.  

Also, the daily limits of data generation are increased. Free users without an account can generate one data set per day. User with Free Account: 2. With Outputter Premium you can have from 5000 limits a day.

>>> API Documentation <<<

API / Outputter Premium Tutorial

We currently only accept crypto payments

Bulk Identity Generator & German Bank Search

Amount of Identities: 10

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How I can get Premium?

  • Register for an account (you only need email & password)
  • Buy your favorite package
  • Your access will be activated immediately

How can you pay?

Currently we only take cryptocurrency. We support: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ApeCoin, Shiba Inu, USD Coin and Tether. We use the Coinbase API for this purpose.  Please make sure to transfer the exact amount as indicated. In case of underpaiment we cannot do anything and you have to pay again. The responsibility lies with the user.  Do you need Cryptos? Check out our partners

Can I get an API key?

Of course you can. You can find it in your account

Does the API support CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

Yes, you can call our services from any domain or application, even from a simple HTML page.

How does the API work?

Here we have a detailed tutorial for you. API / Outputter Premium Tutorial

What is the Bulk Identity Generator?

As a premium customer, you can use the Bulk Identity Generator to create up to 100 entries in a CSV at once.

What is the German Bank Search ?

As a premium customer, you can use the German Bank Search Generator to search for desired German banks. Only Germany is currently available. Other banks will follow

Is there a limit?

Yes.  Please note: We reserve the right to limit your account if your requests are too high and the server is too busy. We do not allow bots! To avoid overloading the server we have integrated a rate limit. You can see this in your account. There are different daily limit depending on the package starting from 5,000 requests per Day and 2000 API requests per minute. Too many requests at once blocks your IP for an hour! You can use a new IP. But the IP will always be blocked again as soon as the requests become too high. Therefore use your requests carefully.  
Persistent misuse will result in account suspension without return of deposit.

What happens to inactive accounts?

We delete accounts that have not been logged in for 6 months. To keep the database clean. After that you have to register again.

Is a money refund possible?

Unfortunately no. Your purchase decision is final. If there are any problems with the service, please write a message to our support.

Are other payment options planned in the future?

First of all no. Unfortunately, there have been significant attempts at fraud (Paypal, credit cards) in the past and the services have ended cooperation. Therefore, cryptocurrency (the only secure and independent payment method) will remain without alternative.

Is there money on the generated credit cards or IBANs?

No! Of course not! How should that be possible? It is generated fake data but according to real algorithm.

Outputter Premium Support

If there are problems with access - write to us.
Always give your username and email to. otherwise we can't place you.
Describe your problem as precisely as possible otherwise we can't help you.

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