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Porygon is the only Pokemon that evolves solely through trade. The first time is though evolution while holding an upgrade item to turn it into Porygon 2. To turn it into Porygon Z, you will need to trade it again with a Dubius Disk in hand.

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 What do you think about becoming a Pokemon Master? You will surely benefit from these Pokemon facts as you begin your journey.

 We know as a Pokemon fan, and you want to know all about Pokemon; therefore, we provide our Random Pokemon Facts Generator for you so that you may know all the facts of your favorite Pokemon character.

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What is Random Pokemon Facts Generator?

Random Pokemon Facts Generator is a tool that provides random facts about randomly selected Pokemon from random versions of the game and also produces random facts based on the detailed description of that Pokemon. You can read fun facts about the world of Pokemon with this Random Pokemon Facts Generator, which pulls facts from databases full of all things Pokemon.

Before knowing how to use Random Pokemon Facts Generator, let us know some history of Pokemon first.

Pokemon: A Brief History

The original Pokemon was created by a Japanese man named Satoshi Tajiri and a Japanese illustrator named Ken Sugimori.

Satoshi began writing about video games in 1982 after starting a gaming magazine with friends called Game Freak, but he took it a step further and began creating his own.

In 1989, Satoshi released a few games like Pulseman, Yoshi, and Mario & Wario that did quite well as part of Game Freak.

The idea for Pocket Monsters (or Pokémon as it is better known today) came to Satoshi in the early 1990s, after he spent his childhood exploring forests and finding bugs and tadpoles.

A Pokémon video game is released.

Earlier this year, Pocket Monsters for the Gameboy was released in Japan in a Red and Green version.

Pokémon games were on cartridges, and players traded Pokémon by connecting their Gameboys.

Millions of copies of the game sold, and both versions were later released in the US and UK, with Red and Blue instead of Green. 

Pokémon replaced Pocket Monsters as the name of the game.

Over the years, Pokémon games have evolved into seven different generations.

Pokémon trading cards

Media Factory created the Pokémon Trading Card Game following the success of the first games.

In 1996, the first set of 102 cards was released. They were illustrated by Keiji Kinebuchi, Mitsuhiro Arita, and Ken Sugimori.

As soon as they were released, they became trendy. Players could compete in card tournaments, and a world championship tournament has been held.

Since then, the number of cards has increased to nearly 30 billion, with some collectors even paying several hundred thousand pounds for some of the more rare cards.

Pokémon TV series 

A Japanese TV show based on Pokémon launched in 1997. The show is about the adventures of a young boy named Satoshi (named after Satoshi Tajiri himself) as he journeyed with his friend Pikachu to become a Pokémon master.

After the series was released internationally, the producers renamed Satoshi to Ash Ketchum.

After knowing the history of Pokemon, let's learn How to use the Random Pokemon Facts Generator?  

How to use the Random Pokemon Facts Generator?

Our Random Pokemon Facts Generator is really easy to use. If you want to know the facts of Pokemon, you just have to open our website, and you will get Random Pokemon Facts automatically, and if you want to know some more facts, then you have just to click the button that says generate more that appear on the screen. After pressing the button, you will get some random Pokemon facts that indeed you love to know. 

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