What is a BIN generator? How does it work?

A Bank Identification Number (BIN) can also be called an Issuer Identification Number (IIN). An individual credit or debit card is issued a 4- to a 6-digit bank identification number, known as a BIN.

It identifies the issuer of a particular card based on the BIN number. In addition to getting the details of an issuing authority and verifying the details, you can use the BIN number.

Describe the purpose of BIN Search/BIN Finder.

In order to assist in your BIN search, the outputter provides a BIN search tool. With over 400,000 BINs in our database, you will be able to find the exact BIN you are looking for.

Additionally, you can verify information about the issuing bank or financial institution with this tool.

  • Use the dropdown menu to select the country of the card.
  • You will then choose the card brand you wish to learn more about. After you have selected a credit card brand, you will be shown a list of banks in that country that issue that particular credit card brand.
  • You can choose the bank you want to get details about.
  • In the following dropdown, you need to select the BIN and click the Get Details button.

How does BIN Checker work?

The BIN Checker is an online tool that allows you to find out which bank issued the card and which branch it came from.

In the event that you already have a BIN number and need information, then you can use BIN checker, an online tool. Moreover, BIN Checker is a free service. Moreover, you can use it for unlimited times as you like.

How do I use a BIN Checker?

If you need to know what BIN code you have, you can check it with the tool provided there. Simply follow these steps to get your BIN code details in seconds:

  • If you already have a BIN number with you, enter it.
  • Ensure that you have a valid BIN number on hand; otherwise, the tool would not be able to display the results.
  • You can get detailed information about the BIN number by clicking the Get Details button below the BIN column.
  • BIN details will be displayed when you use the tool. The tool will show you the bank details, such as the name, location, and even telephone numbers.

How does a BIN Generator work?

Payment Card Number and BIN Checker use a given BIN number to generate a random series of numbers, which can then be used to generate credit cards.

You will notice that the tool is looking for three things once you enter a Bank Identification Number (BIN):

  • In this process, the BIN is checked to see if it is valid. The coverage of this check is wider than a complete BIN database. It will contain BINs from a variety of banks and card networks, as well as an initial definition of the network issuers' ranges.
  • A valid BIN has now been provided. The next step would be to run algorithms like Luhn, reversal bit check, and card length check. Based on the BIN, the application generates a set of credit cards. Additional details are derived from the user's selections.
  • Based on the selected format, the generated BIN Credit Cards would be re-arranged into different formats, such as JSON, XML, or CSV. Do you require another format that is not mentioned here? You can contact with the outputter. 

What is the purpose of the CC Number BIN Generator?

This online tool compares a bank identification number with our database and various card check definitions. When the input isn't correct, the app will display error messages explaining the problem.

Depending on your selection, the app generates a list of valid credit cards that begin with the input BIN prefix. A huge range of input options is available. Any of the card's settings can be changed, including card quantity, balance range, expiration date, CVV / CVV2 security code, and personal identification number PIN.

How to generate a credit card from a BIN number?

CC BIN Generators are beneficial for a variety of purposes. The checkout system of an online shopping cart is usually tested by asking questions and answering them. It is now possible to input a large number of credit card numbers into your payment system using various input controls.

Another good use is to observe the credit card numbers generated from a single BIN input for learning purposes. You can start with a credit card you have. Note down the BIN prefix of it. It is usually the initial 6 to 8 digits. The online BIN generator input would accept up to 11 digit numbers. Enter the BIN into the text field to see all your sibling credit cards. You can use

a BIN credit card number for a trial offer. Your credit card has already been accepted for a trial service, as you already know. There is a possibility that the BIN-generated credit cards derived from the same BIN will also work.

Some examples of generating them

The following are some examples of GOOD BIN inputs, based on the definition above:

  • The BIN number is 374322 (4 digits without a space)
  • The BIN number is 4142643 (7 digits are fine)
  • BIN number 4343443144 (even more BIN numbers)


The following are some examples of BAD BIN inputs,

  • 434 VISA 15
  • Card number for AmEx (only digits)
  • USA card


What is the legal status of BIN generators?

It is not illegal to use software to generate a BIN file for legal purposes if you want to generate a BIN and use it for lawful purposes. This is not illegal, however, unless you use it to generate a number for a legitimate purpose and then use it to commit fraud.

Is the bin generator a namso gene?

Some users also search for namso gen. However, Namso Gen is only a synonym for Bin Generator. Outputter Bin Generator has the same functions as Namso Gen. CCGen - Namso Gen - Live Credit Card Generator Namso CCGen is a free live Credit Card Generator website that allows you to use Bins to create many credit cards. Namso is a freemium cc generator just like namso gen. 


BIN refers to A Bank Identification Number that you can generate from an online website such as the outputter. You can use this generated BIN for various legal purposes, such as to test the checkout system of an online shopping cart. However, if you want to use generated BIN number for committing fraud, then it is definitely illegal. 

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