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Personal Details
Country Moldova Name Stanca Vintila
Address Str. B. P. Hașdeu nr. 1/2, bl. A, ap. 3    
City Mun. Dubăsari Postcode 9484
Gender Female Date Of Birth 1977/04/02
Phone (373) 69 827 285 E-Mail [email protected] (Open Mailbox)
Mother's Maiden Name Simionescu Ethnicity Black
Age (Years) 45 Zodiac Sign Taurus
Height 1.69 m Weight 108 kg
Hair Color Blond Eye Color Gray
Financial Details
Bank Name Moldova AGROINDBANK S.A. Bank Code AG
BIC AGRNMD2X Account Number 000156501309917697
IBAN MD71AG000156501309917697 ( Validate IBAN )
Credit Card Type MasterCard Credit Card Number 2221875018779797
Credit Card Expiry 07/23 Credit Card CVV2 626
User Name emanoil04 Password [email protected]:sQdq5cq2a(e
IPV4 Address IPV6 Address daf0:c3ba:4d3d:3e18:a0ea:edd7:6eac:1a63
User Agent Opera/8.28 (Windows NT 5.0; en-US) Presto/2.12.330 Version/12.00
Qualification National Diploma Institution Falconholt College
Employment Details
Company Name Nistor Ltd Salary
Company Address B-dul. Alexandri V. nr. 7B, bl. B, ap. 5, Basarabeasca, CP 7559 Job Title Crushing Grinding Machine Operator
Company Phone +373 77 986 547 Company Email [email protected]
Vehicle Details
Vehicle Bio Auto evA-4 License Plate RGK-498
VIN 7YA11K2R6A499G00K Color Black
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