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Are you looking for adventure? Have you ever dreamed of visiting exotic lands? Do you believe your future is bright? You can travel to new and unusual places using our fantasy name generators!

We can help you develop a unique name for your pet unicorn or a group of witches for a children's book, regardless of whether you're naming a character for an epic voyage or naming a group of witches.

You need to be creative when naming fantasy characters. Their names are usually similar to human names, with slight variations. Another popular way to name fantasy characters is to use old, out-of-use, or long names that you typically don't speak in full. Misspelling real names is also a popular method. Our robots use these methodologies and some mysterious algorithms to find the ideal fantasy name for you.

Names matter, but why?

Take any character from any book as an example. Do you have one? Certainly they aren't named "John."

Your novel's title must be as thought-out as any of its other components if you want it to stick in the reader's mind. Names are like titles for characters, so if you're picking one randomly from a phone book, you're doing it wrong.

There isn't much difficulty in doing it right. There are only a few things you need to establish with a character name:

  1. Explicit: This allows the reader to distinguish between the major players.
  2. Character: Indicates the type of person without saying anything more than a word.
  3. The Right Name: Your character can become iconic with the right name.

Including all the above things, a name should also be unique. In outputter fantasy name generator, we consider all the above things while generating a best fit fantasy name for your characters.

How does the Fantasy Name Generator help you?

To write an epic fantasy novel or create a fantasy game world, it is necessary to think about names. Additionally, naming characters in a fantasy world where people have unusual names is challenging since each character will need a different name. But how do you choose and get a good one? Especially for these minor characters, where do you get their names?

The fantasy name generator can help you release the stress of giving your character a unique name!

You can use our Fantasy Name Generator to create unique fantasy names for yourself. It is possible to set parameters for what kind of name you want and let the software take care of the rest. You can also do things requiring certain combinations of consonants and vowels.

You'll get good fantasy-inspired names that fit your desired character with our generator.

How does the Fantasy Name generator work?

Fantasy name generators do precisely what they sound like: they let you input specific indicators and generate random names. Various naming generators exist, some of which are very basic, while others have more features and give the user greater control.

Alternatively, you can create an alter ego from your own first name and last name, or one randomly generated from a combination of the two. As well as choosing a fantasy name, you can also learn about your strange adventures, including where you come from and what surprises await you on your journey! It's perfect if you want a new character for your tabletop RPG campaign, a screen name for your online gaming account, or just something to add a little wonder and magic to your day! No matter how you feel about our fantasy names, we hope you enjoy them!

Creativity to generate fantastic fantasy characters

To come up with cool and realistic fantasy character names, you need a lot of creativity. Fantasy names are much harder to spell and pronounce than regular names like Katie or Jimmy. A few tweaks can transform the familiar name into a fantasy name. Kate, for example, could also be spelled Katrel or Katrilla. The simple tweaks transformed a familiar name into something from a fantasy novel. In order to be effective, fantasy names must reflect your character's personality. The name Delvin or Dracyian would work well for an evil, selfish elf. I find that much more evil sounding than a name like Darwyn or Eldar.

From male fantasy names for humans to dragon names to names for unicorns, our list of fantasy character names covers a wide variety of mythical names. There's no matter what you're writing, whether it's a fantasy novel with old, mythical dragons or a fairy tale about elves attacking fairies. 

Tips for using a fantasy name generator

It is advisable to consider these tips while using this fantasy name generator:

  • Imagine you are your audience's first-time buyer as they pick up your book. Choose a name that your readers will remember - but not one that they won't be able to pronounce.
  • Your worldbuilding should be consistent with the name. You may have regional naming traditions within your world. For example, the Lannisters' names tend to end in "Ty" (Tywin, Tyrion).
  • Be sure to listen to how the character's name sounds. Does it sound like it rolls off the tongue? Does it convey the character's personality? For example, a fair maiden probably won't want to be paired with Drogon.
  • Create fantasy names by modifying names from cultures and countries ( a fantasy name generator may help you in this regard). As an example, in Brandon Sanderson's books, names like Demoux and Vin are French, while Dilaf, Hrathen, and Fjorden are Scandinavian.

Make use of our fantasy name generator as a starting point for your fantasy names!


Whether you're creating characters for novels, games, or any other purpose, fantasy names add charm to your characters. Outputter is the best site for generating fantasy names online. Thousands of names are available for Demons, Dragons, Elfs, Pokémon, Super Heroes, and Super Powers.