Almost everyone has their private files to keep personal data safe from others. If a device is lost or stolen, the essential documents are likely to be exploited or even leaked publicly. That is not the only reason but a very important one to protect personal information. Hack attempts are not unusual and therefore there is a need for data protection. Nordlocker is bringing the solution to this problem. Let’s have a deeper look into it.

Are you looking for something that will keep your important files or documents secure? No worries, you can use Nordlocker: the best solution for cloud encryption by NordVPN.  It encrypts your essential files on your Windows or macOS tool and protects your important documents. Study the full article to have a better understanding about Nordlocker.

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What is NordLocker?

Nordlocker is a program that encodes your personal data files.

It encrypts the data with the end-to-end method and zeroes with the value of knowledge like a descriptor. That means it is a file encryption requirement application for macOS and Windows. It also saves files on your device with end-to-end encryption.

It guarantees you that your personal information will not be accessed by anyone without your permission. Nord Locker has the solution against hackers and that is why they offer to encrypt and secure your individual files.

How safe is NordLocker?

It is one of the prudent lockers to preserve all your important documents.

Nordlocker provides end-to-end encryption, which means all client-side files are encrypted here. If you prefer to share your files with additional users, you can encrypt and decrypt your files.

Another point is that you can keep your files safe elsewhere. You can protect the files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

This is an advantageous function. It is a secure alternative to encryption and powerful ciphers. It will take every security measure to protect your data with advanced encryption strategies.

The features of Nordlocker

It is not a sophisticated program. The different features are discussed below.

  • Files are encrypted immediately after dragging to the interface.
  • Its end-to-end encryption staves off the Nordlocker team from viewing your documents.
  • Lockers are very easy to operate and can display both grid and list style.
  • Data is displayed in all lockers.
  • Easy to see how several files are in each locker, file format, and size.
  • Being able to share files with other users via secure email links (premium customers only).
  • Includes master password and recovery key reset system.
  • Encryption of: data, record names and also index structures.
  • Signing off in case of inactivity to stop unauthorized users from getting access to your documents.
  • Time for inactivity detection can be changed in the settings.
  • Prevention of intrusion through the lockout feature which locks the app when inactivity is detected.

And many more features.

The security system of Nordlocker

It is a very dominant security system. Nordlocker is thought to cover all bases when it comes to rock-solid protection.

In recent times, the encryption of Argon 2, ARS256, and ACC encryption protocols took xchacha20, RdDSA, and Poly1305 very well. Nobody can decode your data files except your own master key.

Another thing is that there is no two-factor authentication to sign in to your account. However, it is an extra step to use the master password in your account to sign in without the username and password. Nobody will be capable of entering your data files on the web.

The security system of Nordlocker

So, if they only access your Windows or macOS computer and know your master password, they will be able to hold your files.

Nordlocker pricing

You can use it in two ways. The first way is completely free, and the other way is a premium version. Here is a little explanation about both.

If you will use 5 GB of cloud storage space for storing, or if you don’t like to use cloud storage in the least, then you can use it free of charge. You can operate local encryption here as you want, and there is no boundary. You can save as much as you feel in the folder.

However, you can use the premium version of it. Premium customers enjoy more benefits than with the free version. In any case, to use the premium version, you need to pay for a subscription more than once or twice per month. If you want to pay a monthly amount, you have to pay $7,99 or 6,15 dollars. If you wish to purchase it for the whole year, you will have to pay $47.88. You will enjoy a capacity of 500 GB of secure cloud storage which is comparatively enough.

500 GB of Secure Cloud Storage

How does it work?

It is an intuitive, user-friendly app. Here, you can create several folders called a “locker” to oversee your files. You can create numerous lockers of your choice and drag or dip them for protection.

NordLocker Function

When you create a new locker, you can select to stock it on your device or keep files on a protected cloud server. Your locally stored lockers have no file size limit.

If you want to access files stored in your cloud on a different computer, you need to download the Nordlocker application and log in using your master password. And there you will see the files waiting for you.

Keep in mind that your locally stored lockers will not be able to be viewed on other computers.

NordLocker Cloud

Once the locker is prepared, you will have two options in order to put a file in it.

1. Make a copy of the file: It keeps your original protected file available on the computer.

2. Move the file: Only encrypted files will exist here, which means it will delete the file from your computer.

If you think all your files should take the same action, you can choose the default option in the settings option. Otherwise, it will ask you what you prefer to do every time.

So, you can easily use it to keep your files secure.


Nordlocker is an excellent app for encrypting local disk files. It is very simple designed. Although, whether it will always be positive or negative for you depends on your simplicity.

It is absolutely impossible to define whether you can use it simply from Nord Locker Cloud and without physically syncing data file for free of charge. However, if you want you can transport the Nordlocker vault to a different cloud storage.

We hope this article will benefit you a lot. Thank you for reading until the end.

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  1. This article was obviously written by someone whose native language is not English. That would be okay, except that the information is confusing in quite a few places. I strongly suggest you have a native English speaker edit the article so as to make it less confusing. It is very unprofessional to allow such a poorly worded document to be posted to the general public. It makes me wonder whether I should even subscribe to Nord. Please show this message to the owner of Nord, or at least to someone with the authority to find someone who will make the necessary changes.


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